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So worried


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Hi everyone, I hope it’s ok to post here as I’ve not been diagnosed with PC at the moment, but I am out of my mind with worry. 

I’ve had worrying symptoms coming on gradually since the end of June. Most notably Nausea, lack of appetite, weight loss and indigestion symptoms (burping, some diarrhoea etc.). I recently had an abdominal CT scan which found some varicose veins around my stomach. The report said my other organs, including my pancreas and liver looked normal. Despite this I’ve done what I know you shouldn’t do and looked on Dr Google. It seems that pancreatic cancer can be a cause of these varicose veins due to putting pressure on the splenic vein or something like that. It says the most likely cause is liver cirrhosis but my liver enzymes etc. have always been fine on blood tests etc. so this adds to my worries. 

I have reached out to the nurses but I also wanted to know if anyone had any similar experiences please? 

Thank You 

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