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Please help - responses needed for a new plan to deal with illnesses causing bad health and early death in England


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I have yet to share my heart breaking personal story on here - I am sure you can imagine what it entails. 

However, I have come across a consultation from the government asking for responses and ideas when thinking about major conditions and illnesses causing bad health and early death in England. I have filled it in noting pancreatic cancer as a crucial focus for the strategy within cancer and how there needs to be more investment, funding, research, early detection etc. I wondered if anyone had 5 minutes to do the same to strengthen our voice for change?

Here is the link to complete online: Easy Read - A new plan to deal with illnesses causing bad health and early death in England - Department of Health and Social Care (dhsc.gov.uk)

Thank you

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Done! ...Whether it will make any difference, our merely be yet another publicly funded consultation that comes up with 'wishy washy' suggestions that mostly originate in the DBO , who knows?  (DBO = Dept. of the Bleedin' Obvious)

Here's hoping this one will be different?


What does seem unexplained  is why survival rates for pancreatic cancer are pretty much the same as they were 50 years ago?

Other cancers  -- like prostate, breast and lung for example -- have seen dramatic improvements in their treatments during that time.


It would appear that maybe a lack of funding is hampering advances in the field of pancreatic cancer treatment research? 

 You don't need a crystal ball - or a government study - to come up with the answer to that problem!


We just need to find a way to give Pancreatic Cancer a higher profile..... that should help generate more funding for research...

Maybe this study will help?

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