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Did this happen to anyone please tell me


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Hello everyone..I am new here and actually, like everyone, I don't wish to stay 😅I have not yet been diagnosed with anything but have symptoms and am currently having tests to rule out PC. I am a 39-year-old female, previously healthy but somewhat overweight, never smoked or drank alcohol.

My question for everyone, patient or relative is:

did anyone of you or your relatives have symptoms of PC for several months (like diarrhea, flatulence, burping and weight loss) then developed pain which became very severe and debilitating for the last few weeks, and is typical for PC ( upper abdominal pain refereed to the back, worse after eating...) ..despite all this,2 CT scans failed to show anything and were interpreted as Normal and eventually PC was diagnosed ? ? 

I mean did anyone have severe symptoms of PC for a long time and had normal CT scans (while actually having PC) ?? does this make sense?

Regarding the CT scans, 2 scans done 5 months apart, both done with IV contrast, triphasic CT ( which is equivalent to pancreatic protocol) and seen by a consultant radiologist. I even took second and third opinions from other consultant radiologists, all did not find anything suspicious..

can this still be PC ??

Your experience is valued 😇

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In addition, tumour markers Ca19-9 and CEA, amylase and lipase done recently  all within normal range, but ca199 and CEA are higher than the previous test 2-3 months earlier, bit still within normal.

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