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Living with uncertainty


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I was lucky enough to be put on cancer fast track by my GP last year, as back then I just had a nagging back ache, tiredness and stomach ache. I was diagnosed end of June 2022. I pushed for a prognosis and was given 6 months. I have the best husband and seeing him so upset nearly tipped me over the edge. I’ve had 7 rounds of chemo. Some bad days which were difficult at the time,  but are just bad memories now. The chemo stopped the pesky tumour in its tracks, but did not shrink it away from the major blood vessel so surgery was ruled out. As the tumour was only in the head of my pancreas  and had not spread I was lucky enough to be eligible for the EMERALD radiotherapy clinical trial in Oxford. I was the first person in the UK to have the highest level of radiation delivered in one dose in January 2023. I was in the MRI machine for just over 3 hours. I have had minimal side effects, the worst being some nausea and extreme fatigue. The nausea responds well to the medication and the fatigue is gradually getting better. I sleep more than I used to and am gradually rebuilding my muscle tone doing Aqua-aerobics. I have started a phased return to work and the rest of my life feels like I am making a phased return as well. Hopefully I will be as strong as I can once my battered body has recovered as much as it can. I have an amazing team to thank for all the help they have given me. My husband and family are my rocks and help me every day. I have just had my scan results three months after the radiotherapy and 10 months after my diagnosis ….No growth and no spread. Best news ever!  I titled my story “Living with Uncertainty” because cancer puts you firmly in that position. I don’t know what the future holds, but then I didn’t before I was diagnosed. I love my life and have told my story so that anyone going through the dark days can read my first hand experience because I think back to that initial prognosis and how shocked and scared I was and give thanks for every day since then

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You've given all readers hope Rowena I'm sure. Great news to hear. The Emerald Radiotherapy sounds brilliant. Stay positive.

Love to you, for putting it on the site. 

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