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Newbie. Not yet diagnosed but currently being tested for pancreatic cancer


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Hello everyone, 


Not really sure if this is the right room to be posting in but here goes...


I'm a 45 year old male (type 2 diabetic). Currently a bit worried about having pancreatic cancer or some other pancreatic issue and currently being investigated. I had a recent elevated lipase reading (79 u/l - the lab upper reference level was 60) and have had quite a lot of possibly coincidental symptoms: 

- Fatigue on and off for the last year or so although much worse in the last month or so (I previously had burnout from work so I assumed the fatigue was that but then I finished the job that gave me the burnout, the fatigue didn't really improve much)

- odd bowel movements for the last 6-8 months (alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation) although I have also recently been diagnosed (following a recent gastroscopy and colonoscopy) with gastritis and spastic colon and diverticula. Stomach and colon cancer have been ruled out although am still awaiting the results of the biopsies from the stomach inflammation but gastroenterologist said it looked more like inflammation. Since the colonoscopy/gastroscopy the bowel movements are much more normal

- (very recent) loss of appetite and weight loss - probably about 3-4 kg over the last month or so

- stomach aches/cramps and pain under rib cage after eating although gastroenterologist says that could be caused by the gastritis. 

- occasional night sweats. occasional back ache (mainly lower back but occasionally middle back). Although the backache has been present for years, it isn't a new issue 

- I'm not a recently diagnosed diabetic but have noticed my blood sugars creeping up


Recent kidney and liver function tests came back normal. Am not jaundiced and stools and urine normal colour


I'm due to have a second lipase blood test to see if the first one wasn't a fluke and also a CT scan of the abdomen. Both gastroenterologist and GP say that for a serious pancreatic issue they would expect the lipase to be significantly more elevated than it currently is. They also keep citing the fact that I'm not the typical age profile for pancreatic cancer, also a non-smoker and only occasional alcohol consumption but frankly I'm rather worried about it. I'm aware that diabetes is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. 


I realise people here aren't medics, I suppose I was really just posting to vent a little bit as I'm having rather a lot of anxiety about it at the moment...

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Support Team

Good morning Southernlad77,


Thank you for sharing your concerns, this sounds an anxious time for you at present.  You might find it helpful to reach out to the specialist nurses on our support line either via phone 0808 801 0707 or via email nurse@pancreaticcancer.org.uk as they may be able give you some guidance and ask more appropriate questions.


Hoping this might be a suitable option for you.


kind regards,



Pancreatic Cancer UK

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  • 8 months later...

Hi @Southernlad77 I know this was quite a few months ago you posted but I just wondered what your outcome was as I am going through something similar.





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