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Good morning, I'm new to this site so apologise if this topic sound frivolous but my newly diagnosed husband is very focussed on getting away on holiday. He is due to start Chemo this coming Friday, 11th March, and his Oncologist has said that as long as he feels well enough there's no reason why we shouldn't go so I'm doing everything I can to make it happen. The stumbling block is insurance. Has anyone else had problems? Are there firms that specialise or make it easier? Thanks in advance.

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It’s really hard to get if you’ve a cancer diagnosis, especially if it’s terminal, and dreadfully expensive. We were due to go away before lockdown and my husband paid £2,800 for insurance - we were going to the US so I suspect it was dearer. Due to Covid we couldn’t travel, didn’t need to make a claim as everything refunded, so after appealing to the insurance company they made a goodwill gesture of a 50% refund. So they made £1400 for doing absolutely nothing. Sharks. He’d tried lots of options, but most companies just won’t touch you. I think it was a broker he got it through - he got the details off Macmillan. You’ve just got to go sod the expense - it’s the price you pay for the memories. Have a good trip. https://community.macmillan.org.uk/cancer_experiences/travel-insurance-forum?_ga=2.3466288.1866634458.1646692754-862094537.1646692754&_gac=1.21002569.1646692754.Cj0KCQiA95aRBhCsARIsAC2xvfwK_DWKeyrylTJ5WrcuFmRFv347K-p32IWfb3z04s8baTFqh20NNa8aApMdEALw_wcB

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