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Papaya extract thwarts growth of pancreas cancer cells.


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Papaya extract thwarts the growth of Cancer Cells in lab tests. Science Daily:


Scientists at the University of Florida have shown that Papaya extract has slowed the growth and believe that even cancer cells have been killed. The Cancer Cells include those from the Pancreas amongst others. A similar report was published in the Daily Telegraph.

What seems important in this case is the potentially lower toxicity of the natural extract whereas other agents that also disrupt cancer cells are often more toxic. This finding may open the way for clinical trials in the future.

I am adding Papaya to my fruity diet.


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Yes, Presswatch, I saw this too and have bought Ted some crystalised papaya from Julian Graves. OK, the real thing would be better but that was all I could find at the time and anything is better than nothing. Am looking for fresh papaya in the supermarket but may have to visit the local Carribean food shop. Incidentally, Clair has also posted on this subject and wrote to the researcher who said that anecdotally the papaya should not be cut or touch metal in preparation... just something to bear in mind.


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Daft question...I know I can take the skin off with a plastic knife if it is fresh enough but is the intention that you eat the skin as well???

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Hi Lily

I don't think it matters whether you eat the skin or not. In fact the test is conducted by making tea from the leaves of the plant. Clair's post in Advanced Cancer Patients Forum gives a description of how the tea is prepared.

Incidentally, there's no such thing as a daft question!

Kind regards

Nicki x

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Dear All

No more information from Dr Dang, and as I presume a knife has been used to remove the fruit from the tree, then the chain has already been broken.

As for eating the skin, we never do. Just slice is down the middle and remove the seeds and eat with a spoon. We did try to make smoothie, but it was not nice. We love papayas and can certainly say from experience (getting married in Sri Lanka) that Sri Lankan papayas are the best, but others in the supermarket are fine. I think they're a bit scarce at the moment in the supermarkets...something to do with volcanic ash and no flying. We normally get our from Tescos.

To avoid papaya boredom, I've also got Blue papaya from Holland and Barrett, he just munches it like sweets, it comes in small and large cubes. Also, Rubicon make papaya juice, which is lovely but hard to find. You can normally find it in London from Caribbean supermarkets and off licences, basically if you see it buy it, some supermarkets and even 99p stores do other Rubicon drinks but it never seems to be papaya.

Makes me think of Sri Lanka, happy days.

Take Care


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It's been just over a year since my Whipples op and I still have the odd digestion problem.

So I read about papayas on this Forum. In the UK supermarkets they are widely available and cost about 1.99 pounds. In Swiss supermarkets they are also available and cost about 4.40 Swiss francs which is a bit more expensive at current forex rates.

I also bought a plastic jar of Papaya enzymes from Holland & Barrett at 2.99 pounds a go.

Expensive lark this but I'm back at work now so I don't mind that much.

I also read that you should not cut open the papaya fruit with a metal knife. Why is that ?

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Hi Trevor

The scientist carrying out the research doesn't really know but there is anecdotal evidence from the local population, so he's continuing to avoid knives for the purposes of his research. It may just be an 'old wives tale' but obviously unless you know the details you can't judge.

Kind regards


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Hi everyone

My mum had her Whipple's almost two weeks ago and she was able to come home last Thursday. She's recovering well, but has some problems with her diabetes, so needs to get some insulin until this issue stabilises and pancreatic tail begins to produce insulin again. Anyway, doctors told us that we need to wait for a month or so, before we start a therapy.

Now, my point is that I heard from close friends that I trust that there is this herb mix (including 8 different herbs) coming from Canada and called Flor-Essence (company's name: FLORA). This is, amongst others, detoxicating, enhances the immune system and said even to reduce tumors or eliminate cancer cells. I bought the tea (it is sold as a food supplement) yesterday in order to at least help the immune system and detoxicate her body system from all these drugs, if not for cancer growth or metastasis prevention. Two friends of these friends have already tried this. One had 14cm breast cancer, she didn't want to have a removal surgery and only tried to deal with it by drinking this tea. After two months her tests in Germany showed the the size had reduced to 9cm, so she's still drinking the tea. The other case was of a 6-year-old boy with leukemia. Doctors told his father he wouldn't last long and there were not many things they could do. He started providing this tea to his son, but increased the daily consumption limit by four times!! Unfortunately can't remember for how long, but my friend said the boy to be ok now, which is quite surprising! Don't know what to believe. I don't want to rest my hope on this one, but there's nothing to lose. I asked my homeopathy doctor if he knew it (because it's not a homeopathy medicine) and if he knew if it would affect in any way other classic therapies, but he explained that chemo-radio and such therapies are so very hard to affect, especially by this kind of things. And the company says the same, but I try to be skeptic with merchants, and only trust people that I know they know. That's all regarding this tea. I was wondering if there's anyone in here having tried this too. Please, let me know if so.

I had no idea about papaya extract. I'll also try this, because mum is quite fond of teas and will enjoy variety.

I don't want to create empty hopes to anyone, as I try myself to be reserved on this. I haven't even told mum anything else about this tea, but it's detoxicating and enhances the immune system, which are a great help on their own anyway!

Just wanted to share a piece of information that might prove useful to all.

Have a very nice day with your loved ones :D

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Hi there,

I have tried everywhere to buy this tea, where do I buy it? Does normal fresh papaya do the same thing?


LA xxx

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