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Unsuccessful Endoscopy


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Hi, my mum (77) was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 4.5 months ago after being unwell for a couple of months then developing jaundice. A stent was fitted and enzymes proscribed and her health picked up quite a bit. A Whipple operation was initially planned but mums over all health was deemed too risky to go ahead. Last week she had another Endoscopic procedure to take a biopsy of the cancer so they could proscribe the best chemo option for her. Today was told this was unsuccessful and they are no further forward with any treatment plan. My family and are are so concerned that time is marching on and her cancer could be spreading. She seems a lot frailer, more tired, uncomfortable and bloated after every meal. Her hair is also also falling out.

Does anybody have any similar experiences that might help us know what’s going on at this stage. Thank you in advance


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Hi Lornacath

Sorry to hear about your mum’s diagnosis and thinking of you too. I know it is a huge shock and you will have many questions. My husband was diagnosed in August 19 aged 54 but because he had stage 4 he didn’t have the opportunity for the whipple procedure. However he had 21 rounds of chemo which he tolerated reasonably well but sadly he passed away in April. My husband though did have 4 biopsies (3 unsuccessful) but the fourth gave a firm diagnosis. I would think there has been an MDT meeting regarding your mums case and you probably need to ask for further information on this. In my husband’s case chemo could go ahead prior to the confirmed biopsy, however he was fit and a good weight when it commenced which certainly helped Has your mum

been referred to an oncologist? I’m not a medic though so please phone the nurses at pcuk for advise. They have a wealth of knowledge and their support to us was invaluable. They can also give advise on using Creon, mum

might not to taking enough, you can’t take too many but too few will have no effect. The best advise I can give is to phone the nurses at pcuk, they can talk through everything with you. I send you my best wishes x


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Hi Gaffer, thank you so much for reply, it really means a lot.

I am so sorry to hear your husband passed away after going through so many rounds of chemo, my heart goes out to you, he was still so young.

My dad has spoken to the cancer nurses about mum twice this week and there is going to be a meeting to discuss her this Tuesday so am really hoping that they come up with some treatment plan for her. It is nearly 5 months since her diagnosis and we are getting so worried that her cancer is spreading.

Not being able to get a biopsy of cancer is very concerning but hoping they will be able to target it with a broader chemo if there is such a thing. 
Mum is still trying to eat a normal diet, cooking for my dad still gives her pleasure and I guess they are a bit set in there ways around meals. She takes her Creon with every meal but 9 out of 10 she has tummy ache afterwards. On a more positive note she has maintained her weight since she has had a stent and creon.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that she will soon start on chemo and that she can tolerate it.

This Christmas I’m sure will be hard for you without your husband, I myself lost my husband nearly 9 years ago and it takes time to adjust. I hope you have family around you to give you plenty of hugs.

Thank you again xxx



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I am having an Endoscopy tomorrow. Bit alarmed to hear that can be unsuccessful. When I initially asked why they were not doing one, the consultant said they carry a risk of spreading the cancer, I accepted this as he assured me that the diagnosis of cancer was solid, based on the PECT scan. Next,they did an MRI. I was told that I was an ideal candidate for a Whipple and would get an operation date soon. Out of the blue, I got a call to do this Endoscopy. 

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Hi Dino, I really hope your Endoscopy goes well tomorrow and they can pinpoint your exact type of cancer. We were told by a specialist pancreatic nurse that they don’t normally find out until they are able to remove it during the Whipple operation and it gets sent for analysis. 
Once mum was turned down for the Whipple operation due to her age and other health issues chemo has become her only alternative. It was at that point an Endscopic procedure was asked for by the Oncology department but alas this was not successful. Hopefully they will still offer her chemo but still waiting for news.

l really hope you get your surgery soon and you have a speedy recovery. 

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