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Waiting on tests


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Hey everyone,


Just looking for some general advice and personal experiences.

I was diagnosed with pancreatic exocrine insufficiency back in October 2020 and was given enzyme replacement medication to sort that out. Problem is I am still suffering with terrible  nausea and upper abdominal pain. I do not have chronic pancreatitus etc as my pancreas structure looks okay from my MRI scan and bloods okay so my doctor has put me forward to a PET-CT scan. Now in 2015 I had a carcinoid tumour on my appendix so he is wondering if there may be one growing inside my pancreas to stop the enzymes being released if that makes sense. Has anyone has the same sort of scenario at all? 

Thank you all!

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Hi RDS, I'm sorry no one in a similar situation has yet seen this. When will you be having your PET-CT scan? 


There's information on our website about different tests that might be run to determine what's causing symptoms. If you have any questions or worries, please do get in touch with the specialist nurses on our Support Line. They'll be happy to talk to you about your symptoms, what might be causing them, and how they can be managed by the pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy you're taking. You can call 0808 801 0707, or get in touch by email


I hope someone with personal experience will respond in time - please keep us posted if you'd like to?

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