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Really worried about symptoms


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Hello everyone, I'm new here!

I've been having worrying symptoms for around 3 or 4 months now. Finally dug my head out the sand and phoned GP but cant get an appointment til 19th may. I feel now I've made 1st step I'm now on fast forward and contemplating a private CT scan. Can anyone share their personal experiences with initial symptoms please?

Mine started with an uncomfortable feeling in me left side, like under bottom ribs. I only felt it when laying on left side. I first thought it was a lump in my mattress or my pyjamas has twisted up. Then realised after having a snooze on the sofa that it wasnt, it was something within my body. It feels like I'm laying on a tennis ball. Since then I've started having slight pain under the left ribs on and off and middle back pain. The back pain can often be pretty bad and mainly on left side through ribs, but occasionally on the right too. More recently, like around a month, I feel a pulsating sensation in my left side when I lay on it or a feeling like when you're pregnant and the baby's moving. It feels like that. Or another way i can describe like rice krispies popping inside my side. It's a strange, unusual feeling. Last few days I'm feeling nauseous when on my left side and back. I'm worried sick it may be pancreatic cancer. And I'm worried my GP wont take it seriously as I'm 35. I'm a single mum to a 5 year old boy, and now I've taken the plunge by phoning i just want this done.

Has anyone had similar symptoms? And any advice talking to my GP? I dont want to get fobbed off. Also any advice on going private for CT would be great too.

Thank you for reading

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PCUK Nurse Lisa

Dear Toria,

My name is Lisa and I am one of the specialist nurses working at PCUK. I am sorry for your current symptoms and the anxiety this is understandably causing you. Well done in taking the first steps in talking to your GP, even if you can't get an appointment for several weeks.

If it would help to talk to one of the nursing team here, then please do give us a call on the Freephone number below. Also, here is a link to some helpful tips on how to speak with your GP if you are worried about pancreatic cancer. Keeping a symptom diary can be really useful.


Best wishes,

Lisa Woodrow

Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse

Pancreatic Cancer UK Support Line: Freephone 0808 801 0707

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Hello Toria, 


I am wondering how you are and if you had further testing regarding your sensation of feeling like you are laying on a tennis ball when on your left side, as I am also experiencing this - alongside pain and other symptoms and I am also worried. 


Take care,


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I hope you're okay and that it wasn't anything serious. 


I have had a similar experience in the same area, under/around my lower left ribs. I first noticed I was loosening my dressing gown on the left side but I didn't realise anything more at the time, November 2021. My bowel movements changed and the uncomfortable feeling turned into an ache. I'm only 30 and my doctors were really great about my worries. I initially thought it was kidney cancer which is what I told the doctors. I've had various blood tests including the ca19-9 (I'm calling for the results tomorrow) and an ultrasound scan has been requested. I'm still awaiting the scan letter. I've been worrying so much but I dont regret telling my GP. Hopefully it'll be nothing but always reach out to your GP with any new symptoms. 

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