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Advice please


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Hi everyone,

I'm undiagnosed, and terrified.

I've been suffering fatigue and bowel changes for a year - all bloods normal.

In August I developed a pain under my ribs on the left that radiates to the back. Extreme fatigue, nausea and weightloss. All bloods still fine. Some stools were yellowish grey occasionally at this time, sometimes in pieces. I cut out alcohol completely and reduced fat drastically. I convinced the doctor to refer me for a 3 area CT scan with contrast (I paid for it), it was clear.

I also tried prebiotics and PPI medication. The pain is now constant. It is really wearing me down. I am extremely fatigued and can't work. Still blood work is fine, apart from a slight rise in white blood count.

My stools at one point returned to almost normal, but often dark, greenish. I saw fat separation in a couple of occasions. Fecal elastase normal. Still the pain persists. I feel that noone is listening and I am terrified. Can anyone advise me where to go from here?

Thanks so much.

Julie x

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Dear Julie,

My name is Lynne and I am one of the nurses who work on the support line.

I am sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling great, it certainly sounds like you are going through a lot with your current symptoms and I think it is understandable and normal to feel some anxiety when things just don't feel right.

I would like to send you a quick email, I hope that is OK with you.

It may be that you have already been in touch with our support line, you can do this by contacting us Freephone 0808 801 070


With warmest regards


Pancreatic Cancer Nurse Specialist

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