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I proposed this site as I had a bad experience (or should that be a naive experience) of trying to get travel insurance once my husband had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. However, having looked at all of the 'blogs', I think that there are also some positive benefits of this micro-site: insurance, what to take, where to go, good companies, good places, hotels, etc. Trevor is only 47 and has survived one cancer (Kidney); I am 42; we have 2 children (8 & 6) - anything that can make our lives easier is worthwhile. Sadly, we are not unique and no matter what circumstance you find yourself in it is unlikely to be good one. For those of us who want to get away, let's try to make it easier: know what to expect; what you should ask. Finances are often an issue but let's hear from those 'devils-may-cares' and also those who have to think ahead: we are all individuals and there is no 'one size fits all' (I have always found this to mean it doesn't fit anybody): so let's hear about the 'good and the bads', the 'cheap and the cheerfuls' and the 'happy and the sads'.

As a family we are not unaware of cancer: aside from extended family, my husband has had Kidney Cancer and when we thought we were coming through the other side (2 years clear) something appeared on his pancreas. All indications were that it was metastatic, but tests prove it to be otherwise. So happily gone on family holidays to far flung places post-nephrectomy we now find ourselves in a position where we have to say 'yes, it is is advanced' and 'yes, it is terminal' and 'no, I can't guarantee that he will be alive in 6 months' (although I defy anybody to guarantee that last statement but I was asked the question).

I have set up more 'topics': Insurance, Cruises, UK, Family-Friendly and Understanding. I hope you will find these headings helpful. I have based them on discussion so far and hope that you will contribute as appropriate.


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Support Team

Hi Lily and Penny

Suggestions are always welcome and we do listen! I'm making this introduction a "sticky" so that it's the first thing people see when they visit the forum, Lily, and thanks for your input and enthusiasm.

I am currently trying to find a way to move older posts into this forum. Unlike some other boards, there's no clear indication that this can be done but as and when I find a way, I'll try to do so.

EDIT: Found it! - I've moved one or two but will continue to do so as and when I come across appropriate topics.

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