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Cancer is not the enemy


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I am fully aware that this post might sound strange but it is not inappropriate in any way and since sharing one's experience is the motto of this forum I would like to briefly share my experience of cancer:

Notoriously in the second half of the previous century Western medicine declared a war on cancer. This view is wrong and I will briefly try to make my point. Cancer is not extraneous to the body. It is not an external and merciless predator. Cancer is DEVIANT LIFE. It simply is an alternative developmental pathway which is normally being hidden to life's course but has been accidentally activated. This pathway is immanent to life but rarely taken since it does not contribute to life's present stage. You see, cancer is resistant, it devises its own schemes, it tries to escape and succeed, it migrates - but that is what life is. Life is egotistic combat. Organisms have survived because of this stubborn activity, because of feeding on the weaker ones. Cancer is not an enemy, it is life, but life gone awry. Ever since modern German physiology spotted a resemblance between ontogenesis and tumorigenesis, cancer has been regarded as a special case of development - an imperfect one, stuck in-between, endlessly reproducing itself without ever arriving at normal differentiation. It resembles a lost child in need of guidance (or better, an embryo). In fact once positioned within a healthy embryonic tissue (even of animal origin) cancerous cells lose their malignancy and get "rectified". Why does not modern-day medicine explore this aspect. But we go on poisoning the enemy which cancer definitely is not.

Cancer is alternative development let loose. It is an aspect of life. So it is "natural" in a way. Even more, it is an outburst of a latent possibility of evolution. But within the organism it turns out to be unproductive and ultimately leads to the death of this very same organism.

Cancer is the price we pay for life's present stage of evolution, for this opportunity that we have to be multicellular, highly differentiated and human.

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