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What a wonderful group. I have read a lot of what people have written, which has filled me with all sorts of emotions, fear, hope, love.

I was admitted to hospital after numerous trips to my GP and various blood tests with the usual signs of gallstones at 34 weeks pregnant on Christmas Eve. My Christmas and New Year was therefore spent in hospital. I thought next year will be the year - with my first baby and what a Christmas it will be!!

They put in a stint which helped with the jaundice, increased my appetite somewhat and helped with some of the pains I was having in my stomach and back.

But following a CT scan they identified a pancreatitis mass - this lead to me being induced and having my baby a little early - so happy to say he is doing well and is now at home.

They have identified the mass as cancerous. I have an endoscopy ultrasound in a week to confirm whether it is operable or not as it is leaning against a blood vessel. This is all I know. It's so early in my journey I have no more information.

I am finding it hard - I am in my 30's, not even married for 2 years to a man I am so madly in love with, with my first baby and may have incurable cancer.

I am trying to be positive but it is difficult - it has to be operable. What other choice is there and this is the mantra I keep trying to repeat to myself.

Thank you all for sharing your stories. I find it helpful to read and understand others journeys. Xx

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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Dear Sammi,

Thank you for being so brave to post on this forum. I am sure you will find lots of support and comfort from the amazing 'forum family' here. I appreciate that this must be a very anxious time for you anticipating what may lay ahead of you, at the same time trying to cope with motherhood and enjoy your baby.

Sammi i will email you individually with some further thoughts. I know there will be other members who will post and support you.

Thinking of you and well done for reaching out to others.


Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Support line 0808 801 0707 (open 10am - 4pm)

Email: nurse@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

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Oh Sammi, I’m so sorry for you. What a scary thing to deal with when you should be enjoying time with your new baby. All I can say is try not to let the scary stuff get to you.

When my partner was diagnosed just over a year ago, I read all the stats and thought he hadn’t got long left. But we’re a year on and he’s really well. You wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with him. They couldn’t operate as the tumour was interfering with the vein and the artery, but he had 6 months of chemo - Folfirinox (he was fine with it, bit tired and changed his appetite, but no real issues). This shrank the tumour by half. Reassessed him for surgery, but still a no. He’s currently having chemo radiotherapy which again he’s tolerating well, and once that’s finished we’re going to go off for a nice holiday.

In effect the oncologist told him that as long as it doesn’t spread they can keep treating him and on these forums you’ll find examples of even where it has spread that treatment can make a massive difference.

Try to enjoy every day with your little one. I know everyone says it, but they really aren’t babies for long. Keep positive about treatments for your tumour as things are changing all the time. You never know what’s around the corner.

I’ll be thinking of you. Xx

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I'm sorry to hear about your husband Borobi but glad to hear he is managing his treatment and that he's doing well!

Thank you for the encouraging words, it means a lot! And I cant help but stare at him all day long! One minute I'm so caught up in my wonderful little life I forget - and then it hits me. I have cancer. The worst type of cancer with bad survival rates - no one deserves this. But as you have pointed out - things are changing all the time and there is hope! Thank you xx

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Theresa Upton

Hi Sammi12. I am so sorry to read your post, you are so young with such a young baby. I was diagnosed in September 2018, my cancer has spread to my liver and my prognosis was extremely poor. I have passed my expiry date by 7 months and I am doing OK. There are some very positive stories out there, try to stay positive and look at trials that are available. Good luck.

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Thanks Theresa - and I am so happy to hear your 7 months on from what doctors said, I hope it continues! I really appreciate your post and time. X

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