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Electrocrystal Therapy


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Hi all,

Had my first session of electrocrystal therapy yesterday.

Not sure what to make of it all, as it does sound a little 'out there' as such.

It was non-evasive and done in about an hour.

The gent performed a PIP scan on me to see for any energy blockages/leakage but I was quite disappointed with the scan as it showed hardly anything wrong (I know that sounds wierd but I expected to see activities in lungs and stomach area) - my 'colours' were pretty normal. He did mention a small 'bulge' in the energy around my spleen (which is on the left hand side of my stomach) - which is the place I am NOT experiencing any pain in atm!

He did a sound reading on various parts of my body, this was more interesting. It picked up issues around my stomach area and the thing that was really interesting is that he was at the base of my spine and asked if there was something wrong down there. He said the reading was positive down there and slightly to the right.....which is my old coccyx injury that has been dogging me for the past 4-6 weeks. Sometimes it's so painful I can't bend over the sink to wash my hair and have to put my right leg out behind me in some wierd staggared stance to allow me to get closer to the sink. He ofc had no idea of this injury as it's not been mentioned in any articles I've been involved in.

Anyway, he then proceeded to put some crystal tubes on me, and link them up to the machine that sends an electric current through them. You don't feel anything. He advised I may feel an improvement with the coccyx today, and so far so good - but I will say I don't get the pain everyday.....so can't really give credit to the treatment as of yet.

He told me I would need about 12 sessions. 6 sessions to calm inflammation/tumors and switch off their activity and 6 sessions to build up the energy points in my body to make sure things work properly. Each session is £40, but he did say he would do 5 for the price of 4. Last night's session was free.

He claimed that if I went through with it, by the time my CT scan was due at the beginning of February - there would be 'nothing to see'.

My hubby and I talked about it and we are not quite sure what to do.

We don't have money to waste, and we don't want to be taken advantage of because we are so desperate to cure this thing. We also don't want to be so skeptical as to write off anything that is a bit unusual. I don't want to be on my deathbed and regret that I didn't atleast 'try' something just incase it did help/slow/cure etc. Lets face it, I would lick toads everyday for the rest of my life if someone guaranteed it as a cure for cancer.

I have done a little research on it, and the claims are quite vague. There are lots of testimonials to read on how it helped get rid of pain/athritis/ibs/me etc etc too many to list. But not much info on cancer - except one breast cancer case.

Anyway, thought I would share my experience, and I will let you know if I decide to take on the course.


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Thanks for the very detailed write-up Juliana. I found it very interesting. Clearly we all need to be skeptical but there's a difference between skeptical and cynicism and, like you, I'm hesitant to dismiss anything which may help - it doesn't matter how something works as long as it does!

I guess one criteria you could use to help you decide is whether you felt any better after the session. Obviously that's no guarantee of a physical change but even if you find something that helps you to relax for an hour or so and you feel better afterwards, that's a great advantage to you when you're fighting your illness.

If you do decide to continue with the sessions let us know how you get on with it.

Kind regards


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all,

Just an update on the crystal stuff.

I am still skeptical about the whole thing - however, after a discussion with the gent about the cost of the treatment - not just financially, but emotionally he kindly offered to lend me his machine, so I could try it out at home, free of charge. He wrote down instructions for settings and durations, and I had the machine for a week and used it when I had the chance.

Unfortunately I still cannot feel a difference with the pain I am getting in my kidneys, stomach, intestines and right side.

Yesterday I took my father to see him, as he himself has got some chronic aches and pains and wanted to see if the sound scan or pip would find them. The pip scan was inconclusive. The sound scan however, went off the scale when it was targetted at Dad's neck, spine and lower back....which is where he is in pain due to an old work injury. It also picked up a little on his diverticulitus and we had not discussed where the pains etc were, we just wanted to see what he could find.

Dad then had a 30/40min session on the crystals, and so did I - and we both paid for the appointment. I didn't mind paying even though I can't really say I have felt any benefit yet, but as he had lent me the machine for the whole week I felt he had earned that much atleast :)

He does seem genuinely frustrated that I have not experienced an improvement and so is going to contact the inventor and pioneer of the treatment to see if there is anything else we can do, or if he has had any experience in treating someone like myself. He also gave me the machine again, with a selection of crystals to try out.

Anyway.....on another note -

I had some blood tests done, and a urine sample tested to see if it would show any issues with my kidneys or liver etc.

All my results came back clear - infact, my kidneys are working at their optimal level. The urine showed no infection or toxins and just a small amount of red blood cells which the nurse said was normal.

My haemoglobin was 12.4 - which is fine

My B12 levels were - 1903 which were 3 times higher than their recommended level! The nurse was impressed as she said usually patients are deficient in this. I found it strange as B12 is found in meat, eggs and dairy - which is what I have removed from my diet! (except the cottage cheese which I take with the flaxseed oil)

The only down side of the results were my white blood cells, coming in at 3.2. Which is very low, even lower than when they cancelled my chemo during my last course. She couldn't understand why they were so low, and neither can I as my diet is supposed to boost my immune system.

My CA19-9 was 19 which is the highest reading I've had, but I know anything under 35 is classed as normal. I also know that my cancer doesn't seem to produce the marker and so I tend to get a false negative.

I am due an MRI scan in the next 2 weeks - which I am sure will shed light on why I am getting all these aches and pains.

Will keep you up to date as and when etc.

Kind regards,


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Hi Juliana

Sorry to hear the therapy hasn't helped. At least the guy sounds genuine. Maybe you will get some results if you try out the different crystals.

Do let us know the outcome of the MRI as and when.


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Hi Juliana

like Nicki I think we should try anything, but also as a scaredy cat now, I'm too scared as well (still haven't bought the turmeric and just cannot bring up the subject with the doctor). But I think if this makes you feel better then carry on. I do think if it made cancer disappear this man would be very rich, but we (the World) wont find a cure if we wont try anything.

As for you doing lunges to put your head over the sink to wash your hair, I think some other tlc is called for. I don't know how long your hair is and/or if you've had any hairloss problems with the chemo, but I reckon a regular wash and blow dry at the hairdressers is what's called for. I don't know what your local Macmillan services are like but as well as having complimentary therapies at our local hospice, I know they have a hairdressers and yours may too.

take care


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