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Good afternoon all,

I hope you are all feeling good.....or at least ok! Well it will be round 2 tomorrow, I am hoping it will be easier than round 1!

I am losing weight and am struggling to eat so I feel it is time to start looking at supplement drinks that may help with this that are easy on the stomach. Does anybody have any recommendations of some nice ones that maybe the Dr could prescribe for me please?


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Hi Michaela1,

Your DR can prescribe Ensure drinks, which are multi-vitamin drinks. They come in a shake format (strawberry is nice) or a juice, such as orange etc. They take a bit of getting used to and can taste foul if you have a metallic taste in your mouth. I treat them as medicine and sip them as necessary. Make sure that some of your weight loss is not muscle related. The steroids completely did for my legs (I lost 4 inches off each thigh), I use my exercise bike to get some of this back on week 2 of my treatment. Boring but effective.

Good luck for round 2!


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Ask for Scandishakes, they are much nicer tasting than ensure or fortisip. Also ask for procal powder, you can add this to your own drinks (not water) to add calories and protein. It can also be added to food and it has no taste or texture. There are also some calogen shots that are tiny little shot sized supplements, but these are not meal replacements.


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Hi Toodotty Veema

Thank you for your advice, I will try and get a sample of them all somehow and see which one I can tolerate!x

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Hey, it's been a while, but have you found something that helped you? I'm struggling with deciding what I should buy for it. I don't have the possibility to talk with my doctor about it right now, but I'll do it a bit later, and I want to ask him about some options that I may find on the internet. I want something super light and safe. Somebody advised me to take collagen peptides cause it helps to increase help muscle mass so I won't lose weight drastically. What can you also recommend to me? Would appreciate your help!

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The thread is from two years ago, but the topic of supplements and their benefits remains relevant, especially when it comes to addressing nutritional challenges. It's great that you're exploring options to support your nutrition during a challenging time.

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