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So frightened


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Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right place to post this as I am new here. I've been having these worrying symptoms

For 2 months now - loss of appetite and consequent weight loss, change in bowel motions ( frequent stools), and occasional nausea, strange feeling in stomach. At first I suspected bowel cancer but my colonoscopy was clear. Then after an emergency visit to A& E for the pain/nausea I was given a CT scan of the abdomen as I was convinced it was pancreatic cancer. But that has also come back all clear. My bloods are all fine but my liver function test is slightly disordered with lymphocytes slightly down and GGT at 63. I still can't get pancreatic cancer out of my head. Could the CT scan be wrong? How accurate is it? I am terrified:(

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Hi Fifi,

None of us on here are qualified to say what ails you but you should take heart from the clear colonoscopy and the CT. It sounds like your doctors are eliminating the most serious things first. It's is distressing not to have the answers you seek but there are many non life threatening conditions which will produce these symptoms and it may take a while to track down the culprit. Anxiety is likely to make things worse so try and stay positive, follow dietary advice and make sure your doctor has a plan to Get a diagnosis and manages your symptoms in the meantime. Take heart, the news so far is good.

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Thank you Marmalade, for your kind words. I feel such a fraud when there are so many here who have a real diagnosis and are really suffering. This is such

a genuine, warm and supportive forum. My heart truly goes out to all of you.

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