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Improvement in 5 year survival in England


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Hi All

Some great news has just been posted by Pancreatic Cancer Action. Pancreatic cancer survival rates in England have now increased to 7%, the biggest change in nearly 50 yrs!

Here is what Pancreatic Cancer Action say about it on their website http://panact.org/survival

'Newly-published statistics from the Office for National Statistics shows an increase in pancreatic cancer survival rates in England.  The five-year survival rate for the disease has moved from 5 to 7 per cent in England in just one year.  This is very encouraging news for all those affected by pancreatic cancer.

“At first glance, this may not seem like a substantial increase. However, when the increased incidence of pancreatic cancer diagnoses is considered, it reveals a significant increase in the actual number of people surviving the disease,” says Ali Stunt, chief executive of Pancreatic Cancer Action.  “This small but critical shift reveals that we are making progress and are extremely grateful all those who support our work.”

The new statistics revealed that 364 more people per year on average surviving 5 years for those diagnosed between 2011-2015 (538) compared to 2004 – 2008 (174), an increase of 200% in that period.'

I hope this brings some cheer to the forum family.

Love W&M xx

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What a brilliant post. The odds are still appallingly low but at last I think we are seeing more awareness, earlier diagnosis and more research. Thanks for posting xxxx

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