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Back on the dratted rollercoaster


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Well, we thought everything was under control....I should know by now that's a bad mistake!

Ted is jaundiced again. The stent put in only 9 months ago has been compromised and needs to be replaced. The jaundice and the stent have caused local inflamation so it's difficult for them to see what's going on with a CT Scan but he does have confirmed swollen lymph nodes and his tumour markers are back up to 300.

The tumour is definitely inoperable and although the scan shows poor differentiation the radiologist thinks it may be slightly larger. Whilst there is no evidence of any metastases, it's not looking good.

We've taken it on the chin and are still determined to fight but I think the disease has gained back some ground.


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Hi Nicki,

That sucks.

Take it one step at a time, get the stent and jaundice sorted and Ted's LFT's back to normal, then maybe have another CA19-9 done to see if there is any change.

Has Ted made any changes to his diet at all? Started juicing, or cutting out sugar/dairy etc. It may be worth a try - I know prostate cancer responds very well to diet change, maybe Pancreatic may have a minor response compared - everyone is different, it may be worth a try.

Thinking of you x


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Aww thanks Clair.

Ted's slowly recovering from his jaundice - his eyes are still slightly yellow but he's feeling much better. It's just a waiting game now til 4 January when he goes to see his consultant again. Still we're going to enjoy Christmas and leave everything else to sort itself out in the new year.

Speak to you soon.


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