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Canabis oil treatment for cancer


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Hi Tina

I've no direct experience of cannabis oil 'though I'm aware that some PC patients find it effective for pain relief.

There was an earlier discussion about it on the forum which one of the PCUK nurses replied to - I hope you find it of use:


Hi Dandygal,

Thanks for the post regarding the use of cannabis oil.

We are aware that this is illegal in the UK, however, we are also aware of people having access to this, and obtaining it online etc....

Its very important to know where the product is coming from and that it is "pure" etc....(or whatever language is used for this type of product). And of course, we would advocate having an open discussion with the oncologist, as they may also have experience of this, and of course, may be aware of certain interactions with chemotherapy drugs, or in your dad's case, any trial medication he might be on.

As with any alternative cancer therapy, we would advise caution in replacing conventional cancer treatments with cannabinoid therapies. We would also encourage you to do your own research into therapies, in particular, finding research data and a good evidence base which supports the efficacy of this or any other alternative cancer therapy before undertaking such a regime. Well aware that you do a lot of research Dandygal, so this is all good.

It should be noted that, like any treatment, there can be side effects and that it does not come without risks. There may also be a high financial cost involved in accessing this treatment including the chance that in trying to obtain the medication you fall victim to a "scam" and end up with either poor quality preparations or none at all.

So, proceed with caution

Kind regards,


Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse,

Support Team.


I wish you and your Dad all the very best at this extremely tough time,

W&M xx

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