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Help us develop new information about pancreatic cancer

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We are continuing to develop our information for people affected by pancreatic cancer, and we want your help to make sure what we produce is what people want and need.

We are planning to produce some new information about the following issues:

• Some information for people who are reaching the end of their life. We know people need a lot of support at this time, and our nurses on our Support Line get a lot of calls about what will happen and how to get support.

• Information about pain. People with pancreatic cancer might get pain for different reasons, and our nurses often get calls about how to manage pain.

• Information about fatigue. Pancreatic cancer and some of the treatments for it can cause extreme tiredness (fatigue), which can have a big impact on people’s daily lives.

We want to talk to people who have had experience of any of these things, either as a patient with pancreatic cancer, a carer or a family member. We want to find out about people’s experiences of these, any problems they faced and questions they had.

We will do this by speaking to people on the phone. We will use this to help guide us in developing the information. The phone conversations will be confidential, but we may include quotes from us in the information – if you give us permission to do this. We will then ask people to read drafts of the information, to make sure it includes all the information they want.

If you are interested in being involved in this work, please email: emily@pancreaticcancer.org.uk. Please let us know which project you would like to be involved in (end of life, pain or fatigue) – you can be involved in just one project, or more if you wish. We can then send you more details about the project and what will be involved if you do take part.

We know that these issues around pain, end of life and fatigue can be very difficult to deal with. By taking part in this work, you will be helping us to better support people affected by pancreatic cancer, and will make a real difference to the information we produce.

- Emily Morgan, Information Manager

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