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A year dedicated to PCUK & destroying my body


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Its been a long time since I posted but its now been 10months since my husband Jim (aged 37) passed away.

He battled PC for 14months and had a fairly typical journey. He was incredible throughout and I'm so very proud of how he handled the rubbish that was thrown his way.

10months on and life is okay. Thats the best I can describe it. The shock has worn off and I'm able to live my life to honour his. There are days I still break down but mostly I'm strong and can enjoy myself.

I turned 29 recently and with the big three zero looking I've decided to dedicate the year to raising as much money as possible for PCUK. Ive set 30 challenges all which need to be completed before I turn 30. Some of them are things I would have on my bucket list and are purely for enjoyment while others are truly testing. Ill be running the London Marathon in April, cycling the length of the Outer Hebrides (140 miles), throwing myself off buildings, learning to play golf, completing a tough mudder event and many many more.

Ive set up a Facebook page to keep friends / family up to date with my thirty challenges so please feel free to follow it and share with friends. Hopefully it will raise lots of money / awareness and ill be the fittest woman on the planet by my 30th birthday.


Wishing you all well. Its a terrible disease and I wish I was still oblivious to it - however, I'm not, so the next best thing is to make sure nobody else is xxxxx

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Lovely to hear from you, and glad you are doing ok, how is Caitlan? hope she is ok too.

Well you have got a lot planned, good on you, I wish I could get motivated, I lost Trevor in April so its 6 months already, time flies, I too am keeping going.

I wish you lots of luck with your fund raising, and I will donate and share your page, thanks for letting us now how you are and take care love sandrax xx

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Hi Sandra and Didge,

Sorry it took me so long to reply. Im sorry to hear of your loses. Really truly sorry.

Ive been through many phases over the past 10months and hate the idea of other people going through the same. Ultimately though, both Caitlin and I are doing okay. We keep busy (probably too busy) and are beginning to make a good team. She is struggling to sleep at night but apart from that, she is doing great. Its her 6th birthday in a couple of weeks which will be hard without Jim but we'll get through it and I want to make it special for her.

Sending you both lots of love.


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