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New funding for pancreatic research


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Good evening all,

Well, in common with many others, it has taken me a while to finally post. My husband was diagnosed in April with locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma after several missed opportunities (grr!) but as many of you have experienced this, I don't need to expand any further. As so many of you have so eloquently written about your loved ones, I too am lost in awe at his positive outlook, his stoicism and his sheer bloody mindedness. I am sure I would not be as brave and resolute. He has so far had 11 Folforinox treatments, with the last one (at least for the time being) due this Thursday, blood tests permitting. Once you come into contact with this devastating illness, you quickly realise how urgently it needs mega money and expertise for the research that will find a cure. So, I am delighted to see the press release today from Pancreatic Cancer UK about the £1m of research funding. I emailed our GP Practice Manager about a month ago to ask him to get a pack to advertise Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, as my experience is that getting GP's to react quickly and appropriately is one of the most important breakthroughs that is needed. He was very positive and said he had emailed for all the information. If it's not too late I would urge everyone else who uses this forum to do the same. In the meantime, Pancreatic Cancer UK, please find a cure. There are so many lovely people who need it.

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Hi there,

Welcome to the forum, where no one wants to be but where I am sure you will get lots of support.

So sorry to hear about you husband but glad to hear he is handling it well. My husband battled the disease for almost 2 years but he too remained upbeat and positive, and was only really poorly in the last 3 weeks.

Its great news about the funding but its too little, and it should have been much sooner but better late than never, I suppose.

I hope your husband stays well and keep in touch, we are not that scary!! take care sandrax

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Hi I am glad you have found this forum there are many people with lots of experience on here ! I have found it invaluable. I am sorry your husband is suffering from this awful disease but he sounds like my Mum always positive! I truly believe that has helped her. She is still here 17 months later and always positive!

The research funding is brilliant but I truly believe it is not enough and this disease doesn't appear to be any further forward than it was 40 years ago! I suppose it is better than nothing though!

Stay in touch and let us all know how your husband is getting on.

Take care,

Sue x

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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Hi stmfst,

Welcome to the forum, and great that you have found this wonderfully supportive place. Thanks for sharing your husband's story, and I am sure like others it takes some courage to make that first step, well done. It sounds like your husband has done a great job of 11 sessions of Folfirinox, well done to him.

Thank you for the acknowledgement of the Charity's research funding of £1 million, and also for encouraging your GP to be proactive in accessing our information. It is people like yourselves that help to increase awareness for others, and it is only through the amazing fundraising efforts of people like yourselves and others that we are able to increase our research investment.

We, as for all of you affected by this disease, do hope that this will enable us to find better treatment options, earlier diagnosis options, screening tools and ideally a cure for pancreatic cancer.

If any of you reading this would like to have information packs sent to GPs or any other community organisations, please do feel free to be in contact with the charity so we can send this information to the relevant parties.


Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse

Pancreatic Cancer UK Support Team

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks all for your replies. I take the point about needing more investment. Let's hope this awareness month will bring some big donors to the fore quickly. Well, number 12 session of Folforinox is done! I have followed many of the stories on this site and would like to thank you all for the wealth of information you have provided and for all the encouragement you give, even when you don't know it. We certainly push the timing with our appointments in the clinic, since I always seem to have a lot of questions, largely based on what I read here! Fortunately, the oncologist is very happy to answer all my queries. Can't fault the expertise, care and dedication so far of the team at the hospital. Review due shortly when we will know the next step. Best wishes to everyone.

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