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Creon 40000


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I have recently been informed by my pharmacist (and confirmed by my pharmacist son) that Creon 40000 (400mg) are not being made for the indefinite future. 25000 and 10000 are still available though. Your GP will need to change your repeat prescription if you are on the 40000 dose, which many people are.

I think we all should contact Abbott Healthcare and lobby them to keep producing the 40000 strength capsules. It now means that I will be taking about 11-16 capsules a day instead of about 6-9.

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Thanks John,

You are absolutely correct about this.

This is, unfortunately, due to a shortage of pig pancreas. A whole pancreas is needed to harvest the 40,000 units of enzyme needed, whereas, more of the smaller doses can be obtained from one pancreas.

It is not something manufacturers can rectify, unfortunately, as there just isn't the supply any more. Which is not great for patients admittedly, but better having some than none.

Please do increase 25,000 doses accordingly, and titrate your enzymes in the normal way you have always done.

Kind regards,


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I have doubts as to the claimed reasons and I still think that we all (including CF patients) should lobby to make clear to the manufacturers that this is an unsatisfactory situation for us.

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Jonathan, I agree. We were only told quite recently and were told it was because of a difficulty of ensuring consistency within the higher 40,000 capsules. This might only be a little thing, but to those already suffering it is important. I'm not sure I understand Jeni's answer, how many pancreas do pigs have and surely as patients want the same amount, the same issues around supply will result, if they are taking the same volume, just in different numbers of capsules?

We will write to the manufacturers as you helpfully suggest. Fiona X

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