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my mum .... any advice?


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My mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last week. We are all in shock, whilst part of me wants to bury my head in the sand and forget all about it another part of me wants to be proactive and prepare and plan!!! Unfortunately I normally live 350 miles away. I am staying with them at the moment but will need to return home at the end of this week. Has anybody got any advice as to what should\ could be arranged before I have to return home. I feel torn between the need to be here to do things because is also not well but I also have my own children that need looking after and a job to go to. Help has anyone got any advice???

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Sorry to hear of your mums diagnosis. Do you know what stage she is at and what treatment is going to take place? That might help us to answer your questions better.

My dad has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and I am 90 minutes away by car. It must be so hard for you to be 350 miles away. Does your mum have anyone that can help her, go to appointments with her, when you go home?

Hope you find lots of support here. We all care about each other, at this worst time in our lives.

Leila xx

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You say "them" so assume your dad is there? Just encourage them to ask as many questions as they can at the appointments. The first one will be 'is it operable'? and if not, what chemo, if any, will be offered. They should be given a nurse as a point of contact to ask any questions that occur outside appointments. Good luck and we are all here for support in this horrible situation.

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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Hi 'Holidays'.

I am sorry to hear of your recent events and your Mum's diagnosis, i am sure this must be a difficult time for you all. I know the great forum community here will give you a lot of support and guidance, and share their experiences with you.

If we can help in any way please feel free to be in contact with us on the support line at any time either from your parents or your own place. (Freecall 0808 8010707) or our support email: support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk.

Thinking of you and please do not hesitate to be in contact.

Dianne (Specialist nurse)

Support Team

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Hi my Mum was diagnosed last May and it was a huge shock for us as well. You need to ask as many questions as you can and find out what stage it is!

My Mum is 77 now and has tolerated the chemo well. She is having Folfirinox treatment.

If you have any questions at all keep posting on here as it is a fantastic forum with useful advice and support.

Sue x

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Thank you all so much for your replies it feel good to know I am not alone in this!!!Yes my Dad is around to help but he isn't well and needs support. I know my mums condition is inoperable but there seems to be so many unanswered questions and a long wait before we are going to get any. Do these things really have to move so slowly???? But I will ask what stage she is at, that is great advice thankyou

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