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Im due to start chemo on 26 feb drug is gemcitibine have a fact sheet explaining side effects etc but was hoping to get some info from anybody who has had this drug as info from oncologist differs from fact sheet regards side effects.

thanks in anticipation


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Hi Graham, I was diagnosed inoperable in December 2012. My initial treatment was Gemcitabine and oral Capecitabine. I was on this combination for 4 months (3 weeks on followed by a 1 week break). I tolerated it very well and was only sick 2 or 3 times during the 4 months. I found I was extremely tired for the first 24 hours and simply came home after treatment and slept until the next morning. Other than this, the treatment for me was not bad at all, though others may have different stories to tell.

Hope this is of use.


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Hi Graham, I had a six month course of gemcitabine ( three weeks on one week off ) in October 2011 and initially tolerated it quite well. However the chemo is accumulative and I started to struggle after the first four months. I found it was hard going but manageable. Like Steve tiredness was a big issue and although I was only sick a couple of times I always felt nauseous. Hope it goes well.


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Hi Graham.

My dad was diagnosed February 2014, at stage 4, with mets to his liver. He was given 6 months. He had Gemcitibine and tolerated it well for 6 month. They had to lower his dose at the beginning, but he had lost 3 stone before diagnosis. He was never sick, and he never lost his appetite. He was pretty tired, and didn't have much energy. They stopped the treatment after 6 month because he got quite bad mouth ulcers.

A very common side effect of Chemotherapy is low blood levels. My Dad never completed a full cycle. It upset him quite a bit. Please don't be worried if they happens. It does not mean anything sinister. Just simply a side effect. I know I am not the one having the chemo, and I know that it will upset you, but it doesn't mean it isn't working. My Dad had a good result at every scan on Gemcitibine. He has also just arrived at 1 year since diagnosis, when only given 6 month.

Please keep posting. You are not alone. We are all here to help each other.

Leila xx

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Hi Graham

My husband had 6 months of gemcitabine following his whipples. He tolerated it extremely well. A couple of hours after the chemo he would go to bed as he felt very tired and fluey. A hot bath always helped. By the morning he was fine and during his chemo even managed to totally strip the computer room and decorate it, cycle rides for two hours, and even gardening.

Take care Graham

love jayne

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