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Purple lights for hope day


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Hi all,

I am getting confused !!!

I have heard of the purple for hope day 01/11/14 and there is the Purple P selfie page on this day as well. There is some talk of a month of awareness - is that PCUK ? and then there also seems to be a worldwide P.C awareness day on 13/11/14 ?

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Hello Royboy,

Good question, I am also confused and would like to know.

So if anyone could help us to explain exactly which day is what that would be good.

Thank you in advance.

Susanna x

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Support Team

Hi Roy,

Sorry for any confusion and thanks for getting in touch.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month has been around for several years and it is for the full month of November.

Purple Lights for Hope is a Pancreatic Cancer UK initiative for the awareness month and it is for one day - 1st November. So this is when we would encourage you to light your house purple, the football club and your sister-in-law to light up her pub in Somerset. That is fantastic news by the way and thank you so much. On the evening we'd love it if you could take a few photos and either send to us via email or post on our Facebook or Twitter feeds.

World Pancreatic Cancer Day is brand new this year and will be on the 13th November. We will be posting more details about this is due course.

Very best wishes,

Louise Ellis

Communications Manager

Pancreatic Cancer UK

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