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75 y/o Grandma told 4month to live...High BM


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Hi, my Grandma has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and no treatment is available.

She claims to have no pain (not sure if she's just being brave), she has the weight loss, and just this weekend has became Jaundice.

She was in hospital last week with Blood Sugars of >30, the hospital have now given her a low dosage of insulin and sent her home? Her bloods are 14 in the morning and >23 on an afternoon/evening?

Could anyone suggest what bloody sugars have been like in others or what is normal for someone with Pancreatic Cancer?

My whole family are lacking in information on what signs to look for? Is this a journey to weakness, bed bound then deminishing to death? Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Jess.

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Hi Jess and welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your Grandma,

You ask what is normal for patients with PC but I don't honestly think there is a norm, its only what I have learnt from reading on here, but everyone seems very different.

Your grandma should have a macmillan nurse assigned to her, who should liaise between GP and other agencies where necessary and get your family some help to understand what is happening.

The nurses on the site here can be contacted by phone or email, Monday to Friday, and I am sure they can help you, their advice is invaluable.

Lots of other posters will also be able to offer help and advice.

I am sorry I can't be any more helpful take care sandrax

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Hi my mum is 76 and has been diagnosed with this awful disease. She is now receiving treatment at a cancer unit and they have been excellent. Has your Grandma seen an oncologist? My mum had a stent fitted which deals with the jaundice and she also takes creon tablets to help with the weight loss.

You could ring the nurses on this forum for some advice.

Take care and stay strong.


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Hi Jess,

So sorry to hear about your Grandma- truly a difficult time. My mum was diagnosed early February when she developed painless jaundice. I am sure she will receive excellent care. My mum had a stent put in to relieve the jaundice and was given a cocktail of tablets to help her condition. Not everyone has chemotherapy so please don't worry if she hasn't seen an oncologist yet- the main thing is that she is comfortable and surrounded by love- it certainly sounds like she is. I dip in and out of this forum, sometimes others don't like to discuss the possible sad consequences of this cruel disease. It took my sister and my dad many weeks to face it- it's not all bleak you have time to love and cherish your grandma. Stay strong and take care xxxx

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Hi Jess

Sorry to hear about your Grandma's diagnosis. How are things?

I'm afraid I don't have any answers regarding the blood sugar levels but as has already been suggested, it may be worth giving the nurses on here a call - they are very helpful/knowledgeable.


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Hi Jess My husband became diabetic during his illness. He was put on insulin, at the hospital. The dose they recommended was far to low so like your mum his blood sugar was far to high. Your Mums GP surgery should have a diabetic nurse who can advise her on adjusting her dose. She may need fast acting insulin each time she eats as well. High blood sugars will make your mum feel worse so it should be sorted out. With the insulllin my husbands blood sugar was kept in the normal range 5 to 7. Best wishes Sue

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Hi Jess, Sometimes the diabetic nurses at the GP surgery will not understand enough about diabetes in Pancreatic cancer, and will tell you your Mum must try to eat low sugar options and that she can't have the high calorie drinks. We were referred to the Diabetic nurse specialists at the hospital, they spoke to me on the phone and were absolutely amazing at getting things sorted quickly within 24 hours, my husbands blood sugar had risen due to his chemo.

I am sure if you rang or emailed the nurses on the site they will be able to explain things to you, they are amazing. take care sandrax

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Hi all, Thanks for such lovely replies. My grandmothers Blood sugars had raised to over 30 again so her GP has given her a higher dosage of insulin. I will mention the drugs regarding weightless when I see her.

Chemo and a stent is a talking point in tomorrows appointment, personally I don't think the Chemo will be offered as she is weak. Hopefully they insert the stent to ease the jaundice.

I shall pass this site on to my mother who can call the nurses tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the kind wishes xx

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