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Miracle stories and diet cures


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My brother is 45 and recently diagnosed with PC that has metastised to his liver.

He has had no treatment yet but palliative chemo is on the cards.

I have been trying to research online as much as possible with regard to diet and supplements and the effect these might have on outcomes and I wonder if anyone has any advice or suggestions or stories to tell.

We have had no dietary advice at all so are looking into this ourselves.

I would like to know if anyone has any info regarding fructose and glucose free diets or ketosis diets which it seems might help restrict tumour growth. I have read that the body metabolism changes due to the tumour and that high carb diets do not stop weight loss or physical wasting anyway and that restricting sugars might starve tumours.

Also has anyone experience of taking 1-6g of EPA per day to halt cachexia (weight loss).

Excersise, and particularly resistance training seems to improve outcomes and weight loss, has anyone tried this?

Has anyone who has had a better than expected outcome taken any supplements such as amino acids like bcca or glutamine or done anything else which might affect tumour growth or weight loss.

Some people seem to hang on much longer than others with PC that has metastised and I am really interested if anyone has any theories as to why. There is a gentleman who was a doctor featured on the main pancreatic cancer web site who had survived two years after such a diagnosis and I would be very interested to know how he managed his disease and why his outcome was so different to others with a similar diagnosis.

Ultimately we all have to make our own choices and I would like to know how past choices have worked out for others.

Thank you

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Welcome to the forum and I'm sorry to hear of your brother's diagnosis.

The nurses on this site (email support@pancreaticcancer.org) are a great source of knowledge on the disease.

I'm afraid I can't give you any advice on the various avenues you have explored - my own partner was told to eat and drink what he wanted but certainly having a healthy diet helps your well being and quality of life. He may need to start to take creons (an enzyme) to help with digestion of food if the pancreas isn't producing enough and these may help with weight loss. Sometimes a doctor or oncologist might suggest a faecal elastase test first before prescribing these.

You will probably find all sorts on line - my own view is that a healthy appetite and eating well are key. A few of us on here experimented with bitter melon juice last year due to tests being done in the US - if you do a search on here you'll find the threads. After taking the juice for 3 days my partner refused to take any more and I think the others had a smiliar experience - it didn't taste very nice and he was already fed up taking loads of pills and, for him, quality of life was key.

Hope this helps a little

Cathy xx

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my husband also tried the bitter melon juice but he said it didn't taste to bad if juiced with apple, celery and raspberries. We also tried the special tea which was recommended to us. At the end of the day everyone is different and with such a dreadful cancer we decided to enjoy the time he had and eat and drink whatever he felt like. As his tumour was in the tail of the pancreas he did not lose any weight otherthan a few pounds. Although he passed away on Christmas Day he still managed a glass of ice cold champagne on Christmas Eve. Hope all goes ok for you whichever path you chose. Take care xx

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My wife had been through intense course of chemo and Pancreatic Enzyme. We have also tried complementory medicine - Immune honey - for immunotherapy (http://paseka.us/cancer-types/skin-cancer/). Still waiting for results, but my wife's getting better. One of the tumors has degraded to 35% of its former size, and the other has vanished completely. Also avian therapy (part of the Immune honey treatment) was just amazing! My wife felt so exhausted after the chemo, and then after living few days in the apiary, in the fresh air, she felt alive again.

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Mark on this forum has taken bitter melon capsules for some time I believe. He has certainly done very well but whether any complimentary therapies make a difference is hard to prove. I think therefore it is important to do what feels right and you are happy with. My partner tried a few things but very half heartedly and I don't think it made much difference. But as he was,addicted to junk food and sugar it was never going to! But that was his choice. Please feel free to ask for my email address from the admin if you would like to message me directly. I do have some stuff left over x

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