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A shock


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Have not posted before, thought I was doing well have been feeling well etc since completing ARC 11 Clinical trial at Churchill Hospital which consisted of chemo and radiotherapy, had 6 week scan to review on Tuesday just had call from Dr think they may have seen something on liver but not clear want me now to have MRI scan to clarify.Weight has stayed same eating well and everyone says I look really well head is all over the place as no mention of liver prior to starting trial in March.

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Hello and welcome.

You are feeling well and that's good :) I understand that you must be feeling worried but try and think positively until you have had the meeting with your oncologist and you can then deal with whatever they tell and move forward, hopefully with new treatment options.

Take care.


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Thanks for your reply trying not to get too anxious and bless the consultant he has arranged for MRI to be done tomorrow so that he has all the results when he sees me on Wednesday. It just took me by surprise and because I have felt so well was hoping it may have gone away or reduced.!!

Love Dee. x

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Just wanted to say hi Dee and welcome,

As Julia says the fact that you feel so well is good, but I know you are going to have a very anxious weekend. You obviously have a dynamic oncologist which is so important,

Best wishes,


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