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Epigastric hernia


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Dear All,

I had a Whipple in 2010, had follow-up scans every six months and, in 2013, a scan revealed that I had an epigastric Richter hernia containing the anterior wall of a short segment of transverse colon.

I had the operation to repair the hernia earlier this month. I opted for a private hospital but with my (wonderful) NHS surgeon. The operation took just over an hour. The surgeon inserted mesh along practically the whole length of my Whipple scar and he also took the opportunity to tidy up some other things. The operation was done via keyhole surgery. I spent 2 nights in hospital, and then two weeks resting at home. I am continuing normal life except that I cannot drive for 3 weeks nor lift anything heavier than a kettle of water for 6 weeks.

The operation cost £5,000 inclusive of everything. Having it in a private hospital enabled me to choose the date and be reasonably sure that my choice would be respected. I will tighten my belt on other expenditure!

I had been warned when I had my Whipple that this sort of repair might be needed, and there is a chance that this operation might need to be repeated in a few years.

I have not seen any other posts referring to this side-effect of a Whipple and wonder if anyone else has had the same experience?

Very best wishes,


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Hi Sue,

My husband had a sub=total pancreatectamy last September and whilst he has had no problems

a man he was in hospital with who had a whipples and part of his stomach removed is waiting to go for an operation to repair a hernia that sounds like yours. He has just finished his

chemo like Trevor, so he is waiting for a date for his operation on the NHS now. take care Sandrax

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Oh, that's interesting! I had 40% of my stomach removed, along with my gall bladder, quite a lot of my pancreas and other bits & pieces. It's a wonder it all held together for so long really! Please reassure your husband's friend that there is nothing to worry about!

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Thanks, I will do that, I also wondered as the gentleman had a very extensive operation that lasted 11 hours, Trevor's was relatively short about 7 to 8 hours, they thought he was going to loose some of his stomach too but it wasn't necessary so they just took 2/3 rds of his pancreas (the tail end) and his spleen, not much really lol take care sandrax

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Thank you Sue for posting yet another informative and helpful post.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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