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15,000 VIEWS!!!! #CanCan4PanCan AMAZING :-)


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Hi all,

I've been following the #CanCan4PanCan campaign.

People who normally wouldn't and possibly shouldn't high kick like loonies to a great backing track to raise awareness.

If you're on Twitter or FB perhaps you can help get the #CanCan4PanCan tag trending and help this make a massive splash?

Take care all



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Over 4,800 views, already spent some time trending with London Twitter users and all sorts of famous bodies getting involved. Aren't folk good and kind when you give them the chance to be :-)

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NEARLY 10,000 VIEWS YOU YouTUBE - FANTASTIC. Keep going folks. Have another look or two http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFSBPfCh ... e=youtu.be, keep spreading the #CanCan4PanCan hash tag around liberally in all your posts/tweets (no matter what they are) and pass the same on to everyone you know!

Brill stuff, makes me so proud to be part of it and proud of the PCUK team doing this for folks like my mum...plus it still makes me laugh every time I watch it!

Did volunteer to do the dance of the 7 veils to attract folk over to someone going to stand on the street and get people to sign maggie's petition http://pic.twitter.com/u2O96IfGoS and view the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFSBPfCh ... e=youtu.be <<<<< suggested he stands behind them so when they turn to flee he can reel em in!

Least you guys can do is sit in the room and keep posting/tweeting/retweeting/sharing etc :-)



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This is pretty flipping fab! Bit of a life of it's own now. Brill. 5 #CanCan4PanCan views a day keeps the silent killer at bay - my new motto :-)

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