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The Purple Parade Charity Walk


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Hello Everyone,

My husband, aged 36, has now had his third folfirinox treatment and is coping well. He feels he wants to start giving something back so we have organised a charity family walk to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK. The Purple Parade walk is taking place on May 11th 2014 at 10.30am in Milton Keynes. If you are local please join us on the day to spread the message that this dreadful disease requires more attention and funding in order to improve survival rates. We hope it will be a fun filled family affair with everyone boldly parading in the purple colours of pancreatic cancer. There will also be a relaxed "after party" at a local bar to rest those weary muscles.

We hope that survivors, battlers and loved ones of all those affected by the cancer will join us and create a lot of noise!!!!



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Thank you Cathy!! I've told him he has no choice but to join in! He seems to be responding well to having targets to achieve. xxxx

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Hi Annie,

Good for him and good for you too.

Having tread this path myself I know just how exhausting it is to care for someone with PC so to organise fund raising... My hat off to you.....!



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So glad to hear Your hubby is coping with the chemo well. Goals really do help and I imagine you have found it really helpful to have something to focus on.

Paul was first told that he had pancreatic cancer 2 days before my youngest daughters birthday last year (and then told he didn't have it and then did) and at the time I thought that would be the last of any of ours birthdays he spent with us. It was her birthday again last week, so that's something to celebrate in more ways than one, many goal post passed.

We are too far away to be there for your walk, but I'm sure it will be fab, well done you!


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Aw Nikki, I hope we make all the next birthdays too! Im glad you were able to celebrate and hope your daughter had a lovely day! Hopefully we can get a few people along to the parade and make some noise and raise awareness.x

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There is a charity walk for Pancreatic cancer UK being held at Furzton lake in Milton Keynes on May 11th 2014. It is £10 to take part which is a donation to the charity and includes a tshirt to wear on the day. We hope it will be a large gathering of those who have been touched by this disease and give us all a chance to make some noise and raise awareness. There is also an after walk gathering at the Fayre and Square restaurant at Furzton lake. It would be great if any of the fellow users of this forum could join the walk and / or spread the word to any family or friends that live nearby to Milton Keynes.

If you need any additional info please let me know or visit the links to the walk on the original post above.



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