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whipple prcedure


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hello all,

as i type this my aunt is under the knife having a whipple procedure at the XX hospital.

my question is what should we expect in referance to her recovery, and how we can be of help to her.

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I had my whipple on17 january and I can honestly write that what I wanted off my family was physical contact on visits.I was not allowed to eat for the first 9 days just some ice to suck,then a slow reintroduction to food which can be a bit of a learning curve,you dont digest food like you used to so some enzymes maybe needed.

Pain was not a problem was off all pain meds after 4 days although still had 5 different tubes running in and out of my body the last of which was taken out on day 7.Having a great surgeon and his team supporting him was 1 of the most important things my surgeon visited morning and evening every day and his team was in and out through out the days making sure things were progressing properly.

Unknown to me was the fact that PC has a tendency to create blood clots and as my luck would have it I developed a clot in the leg that broke away and I had a pulmonary embolism,which put me hospital for another 14 days after only 1 day at home.

Its now late April and other than having chemo to mop up any nasties that may still be lurking my life is nearly normal,other than eating which is still experimental,somethings I just cant eat anymore,fatty foods can be a problem in that they go straight through you,creamy foods now make me gag,fresh fruits are the easiest to eat with salads and simple meats a close second.Lots of small meals rather than the traditional 3 meals a day is usually what is suggestedd

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