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LGBTIQ+ Cancer Support from Live Through This

Postby Support Team » Mon Apr 06, 2020 5:18 pm

An update from our friends at Live Through This:

Hi all,

In response to the novel coronavirus preventing our usual peer support meetings and the postponement of our LGBTIQ+ Cancer Awareness Event, we are working with Maggies to provide an online peer support session.

This session is a hosted video chat with multiple key safeguarding controls and a robust policy in place. The hosts are myself with Michael (ex centre head and nurse) and Lianne (head and neck cancer specialist) from Maggies.

We hope to provide a space where LGBTIQ+ folk who are in isolation, as per public health and government guidance, can still have an opportunity to connect and discuss issues related to their experiences.

As we are seeing, both LGBT+ and cancer populations are more at risk during this time. It is therefore important for us to provide support and reach as many people as possible. Going online allows us to reach anyone across the country.

If you are able to share this tweet advertising our support sessions, I would be most grateful: ... 8830343172
Live Through This
Live Through This
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