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The passing of Steve Jobs

Postby mints » Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:11 pm

I feel increasingly frustrated by the media.
They describe him as a C.E.O. of Apple, someone who was ahead of his time.
I agree with all of that but,they also describe him as having 'died of Cancer', or 'after a long illness.'
I want to scream from the hilltops, it was 'Pancreatic cancer'
If there is ever a time when the dreadful statistics of this disease could be highlighted to the masses it's now.
Wouldn't it be great if some of the huge profits that Apple make could be put into research in his name...

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Re: The passing of Steve Jobs

Postby louiepc » Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:16 pm

Hi Mints

I quite agree, I even read somewhere that he died "from a form of pancreatic cancer", huh???? He had pancreatic cancer as did Patrick Swazey and with the enormority of his profile a hugh amount of publicity and money could be put towards curing the poor souls who have this hideous disease.

RIP Steve Jobs.

Louie xx
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Re: The passing of Steve Jobs

Postby AnneD » Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:24 pm

He fought long and hard against his pancreatic cancer.
Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.
I suppose the article said "a form of pancreatic cancer" because it was a neuroendocrine tumour which is much rarer than adenocarcinoma which is the commonest form.
Very sad that he's gone.

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Re: The passing of Steve Jobs

Postby pamela » Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:07 am

My thoughts were exactly the same Mints,Pancreatic Cancer whatever form is pancreatic cancer and should be spoken out about,shouted out,the more people know about it the more people will at least donate to it and learn about it.

RIP Steve Jobs.

Trevor F
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Re: The passing of Steve Jobs

Postby Trevor F » Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:35 pm

According to press reports he never had chemotherapy treatment but relied on dietary changes and other methods. You should always have chemo, if you can keep taking it.