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Big I Do Redo Charity Wedding Party May 16th 2009

Postby Support Team » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:54 pm

THE BIG I DO REDO is the brain child of wedding photographer Julia Boggio, who also gained international notoriety as "the Dirty Dancing Bride" when she and her husband posted their wedding dance on You Tube. Over 5 million hits later, they’ve appeared on television shows across the world, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, where Julia danced with none other than Patrick Swayze himself. When Patrick was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Julia decided to organise a nationwide charity fundraising event that celebrated love. As one of the UK’s top wedding photographers, Julia is always hearing her brides say that they’d love to wear their gowns again. Thus THE BIG I DO REDO was born! Julia says, "I hope that this event will capture the imaginations of people across Britain. The day is about celebrating love in all its forms. Please do get involved." Pancreatic Cancer UK will benefit an eBay Auction of wedding gifts and services and you can also apply for a fundraising pack to organise your own event at home.
Maybe you don't want all the glitz of a wedding dress and outfits but just to celebrate love and your partnership.

for more information see The Big I Do Redo web-site at http://www.thebigidoredo.com