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Dads Clinical Trail

Postby Ezobor » Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:40 pm

My dad is currently part taking in a clinical trail for stage 4 advanced pancreas cancer with liver metastases. The drug that he's testing is called MM-398 with 5-Fluorouracil & Leucovorin.
He's currently had two sessions and been so ill after both. His sessions are chemo for the 1st week of the month then follow up appointments every week and chemo every 3 weeks. The first week after his chemo he seems to be fine a little tired but copes ok. The the second week after his chemo he gets so ill, can't even keep fluids down or lift his head of the pillow, he has been admitted into hospital after both sessions as he get so dehydrated. It's been agonising as they dont understand why dad is so unwell everybody else on the trail isn't experiencing symptoms dad is :(
I was just wondering if anyone else has had any good experiences or heard anything about this trail that can spur my dad on. He's in XX at the moment as he's been ill again this week. :cry: