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Postby lesleyc » Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:24 pm

Hi everyone, this is my first post to the forum although I have been a member for some time.

My Dad was diagnosed with PC on 26 March 2012. He was scheduled to have the the Whipple but on the last test they decided it was too risky because it was too close to a major vein.

He had a plastic stent inserted and had 3 rounds of chemo then they decided to change the plastic stent to a metal stent. 5 days after they inserted the metal stent he was rushed into hospital with high temperature and chemo suspended. They managed to get the temperature down with IV antiboitics and he was sent home. This has now occurred every three weeks and the doctors still cannot find the infection. After much pressure from myself and my mam, they changed his stent to two different stents two weeks ago and admitted this was probably the cause of the infection as it had moved out of place.

As you can imagine I am now really getting frustrated and angry as he was admitted again with high temperatures this Tuesday and discharged on Friday saying they thought they had gained control of the infection.

Today he has a further high temperature and he is so fed up he doesnt want to go into hospital again to be filled with IV antibiotics, released then for it to happen again.

Please can anyone help