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One year on from whipples op

Postby Daver68 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:04 am

I had my whipples operation 29/08/12 followed by six months of folfox chemotherapy ,the last year or so has been a whirlwind and would just like to say that the care and support I received from the royal free hospital in London has been great . The operation went well and was home 7 days later absolutely shattered for the next 3 months all I did was sleep ,chemo started in October and lost my appetite every week that I had it and then ate non stop on my week off they had to stop one part of the chemo after 4 cycles due to unbearable tingling in my fingers I was unable to dress myself felt like electric shocks coursing through my fingers .Felt like the chemo dragged on forever I just started to feel better then it started again but should not complain really as I had no sickness just a little bit of nausea and exhaustion finally finished chemo in April this year and have just spent a month in Cyprus and am feeling a lot more normal these days I can pretty much eat as before and have finally put some weight on and this was a big deal for me as I looked very gaunt so can I just say that it is a long road after the whipples procedure and chemotherapy but to stay positive and make sure you get out and about ( if possible) as much as possible if I felt myself getting down thinking about things too much I found that going out for a walk helped tremendously . Thanks for listening .

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Re: Having a whipple op

Postby Slewis7313 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:25 am

Thanks very much for the useful update Dave. Whilst I am still inoperable, it is something I have given a lot of thought and though I hope maybe at some point to become operable, the procedure is still quite daunting. It sounds to have been quite a struggle, but from your experience turning into a success story. Hope it continues well.

Thanks again