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I'm just trying to find some of you on Facebook!

If you want to find me I'm under Susan [surname removed - moderator] and my profile picture is of me and mick,I'm in a stripes dress,Karen I've forgotten your surname and some of you others I've tried finding there's a few of the same name and daren't risk sending a request!!!



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Hi Sue

I have sent you a friend request - you were the only Susan Barsby to come up so it was easy to find you!

Wishing you and Mike a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We are off to Munich on Wednesday for a few days. Can't wait to see the Christmas markets and hopefully some snow too. Scan on Monday to get through first, fingers crossed for that.

Best wishes to you and all your family


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got your fb request honey .. same here everyone .. marie [name removed - moderator] :D black and white pic of my mom and dad

Love and Hugz



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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi all,

Its wonderful that you are all connecting via Facebook, but I would just like to send a gentle reminder about posting personal details on the forums - Surnames, email addresses, phone numbers, where you live, etc....This is in line with the Forum Guidance and Rules.

We are very happy to act as the go between for this kind of thing, so that it is done safely. Whereas those who are registered on here, etc....and posting regularly are well "known" to you, this is still a "public" place, and others may latch onto your details - I know that you have to accept someone on Facebook, but really, its just a safety net for you all on here.

I will remove any personal data and should you wish to contact someone, then please do come via support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk, and we can arrange this.

I hope this is ok, and that you all understand the reason behind this.

Take care all,


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