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Jon's s Farewell .


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Well it all when brilliantly , Jon 's Funeral was yesterday the vicar read my eulogy and my oldest grandson 22 read the poem He is gone so loud and clear had it not been a crematorium it would have brought the house down so proud as would have been granddad ! about 180 people turned up , today was the internment of the ashes 15 year old grandson read Do not stand at my grave and weep another so proud moment ! The other grandkids put flowers in and I put a sprig of rosemary from our garden on the casket , feel so emotional tonight on my own! told the children go home and live your lives as me and your dad have I know you are there if I need you , but you must live your lives as you want to as me and your dad did , I told them I will survive ( didn't tell how I will with out their wonderful father ) and that they had to take on this strength and determination , will let you know how much the donations instead of flowers for PC UK. raised when I know .

You all keep strong .

Love EmmaR xx

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Dear Emma

So very moving and you are right to be proud of your grandson, and of yourself. So pleased that you were all there to give Jon a "good send-off"!

I am sure that, like my wife says, you will never really be on your own as Jon will always be right there with you in your heart and mind.

Love and Peace

Mike x

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What a wonderful send of Jon had you did him proud, I am sure you were filled with love at the amazing turn out for him xx

It's a long tough road ahead, but somehow we do find the strength to carry on, for them, as they would kick our ass's if we didn't right?

We managed to raise £100 for PC research at moms funeral and their wasn't 180 people there can't wait to hear how much you raised.

Our fundraising event is coming on 14th December, so pleasing to see people still managing to think of others still suffering this horrendous killer disease through such sad times.

Your love and memories will keep you warm at night and poor Jons suffering will become a distant memory.

I sincerely send you my love and best wishes and my thoughts are with you at this sad time




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Hi Emma

That sounds like it was a lovely ceremony and you and your grandsons should rightly feel proud.

You're obviously a strong lady Emma, and with such a loving family behind you, you will survive as you have said you would, but allow people to help and remember to ask for help if you need it.

Sending lots of love and strength to you for the coming days and weeks ahead. Thinking of you.

Lots of love

Cathy xxx

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Like the others I'm so pleased Jon had a wonderful send off. Your family sounds wonderful and they and you are going to miss Jon so much.

Like Marie said, its so hard but what else is there to do but carry on, put on a smile and live life.

I find I'm still drawn to this site, very much so and still find it helpful.

Much love to you Emma xxx

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Hi Emma,

180 people, what a popular guy Jon was and you must be unbelievably proud of your grandchildren. Take care of yourself, it's going to be hard without Jon, but you obviously have a loving supportive family around you, who sound a credit to you and Jon as parents,

Lots of love,


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Hi Emma,

Just want to echo the messages of other members of this family. So glad everything went well, you must be very proud of your family and I'm sure they will be a comfort to you in the days ahead. You seem very strong, but there will be times, I'm sure, when that strength will be tested, but your forum family will be here too.

Hilary x

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emma, i am so pleased things went well for you and jon, you must be devastated, wish i had a majic wand for all of us, i havent obviously, but do send wishes of strength and peace to you, your a very strong lady , spect you get fed up hearing that sometimes?

life will be very differant for you, but am sure another "normal" will enter your future.

love to you emma,, laura xxx

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