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C-19 gone up to 90


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Hi There,

I had my whipples a year in Oct and my CA-19 has gone up to 90,

The doctor is waiting a couple of week for another blood test and scan.

He as said there is a small chance that it may be a blip? Anyone have any info please

Thank you


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Hi Carl, welcome to the forum.

I don't have any advice about this sorry. You can email or phone the specialist nurses on this site for info if you wish or others with more knowledge may come along to answer your query.

One thing I will say about C-19. Someone on here was getting ever reducing numbers whilst on chemotherapy, then one time the number shot up, then the next time it was down again and stayed down. So maybe it could be a blip.

Realise it must be a worrying wait for you, good luck with the next blood test and scan.

Julia x

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Hi Carl

Yes, it could well be. I know this tumour marker can be increased, for example, if you have an infection, which will then return to normal afterwards.

As Julia says, the nurses on here are very helpful if you wanted to contact them.

Good luck

Cathy xx

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Hi Carl, I have been repeatedly told not to read too much into tumour marker values in isolation as they can mislead. I know you will be concerned, but the scan is the really important measure of what is going on. My CA19 has been consistently very low for 6 months and rose whilst I was in Heidelberg, but the Doctor's there also said not to be overly concerned as it can be triggered by other factors. Hopefully your scan is not too far away.


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