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Slipped way this morning .


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My wonderful wonderful Jon peaceful passed away 7-10 this morning over the weekend he became very unwell I had amazing help off district nurses who secured a bed in a peaceful hospice on Monday afternoon the room had a sliver birch tree outside the window which he would have loved sat with him all night as did my daughter and son we left the nurses to attend him and made a cup of tea when we came back they said his breathing had changed and 10 minute later he was gone it was quick an very peaceful I think it was Jon sparing us to much heartache , he is free of that awful awful pain and all those tablets which really did nothing . He was diagnosed on the 3rd of September but started to feel unwell in June . My heart is full of sadness but memories are full to overflowing .thank you all for all your support since I joined this forum the journey would have been so much harder with out you all and your thoughtful caring and helpful replies .

Love to everyone you all keep strong .

EmmaR x

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Dear Emma, so very sorry to hear that Jon has gone from your life, my sincere condolences. I'm glad it was peaceful and his family were there with him, its just about all we can do - be there.

Wishing you strength in the days and weeks ahead.

Take care.

Julia xxx

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Hi Emma,

So very sorry. I know you have had such a tough time, so I am relieved to hear that Jon passed away so peacefully and you felt so well supported in the end. When you love somebody as much as you obviously loved Jon, that must be a comfort. Take very good care of yourself,

Best wishes,


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Emma I am so, so sorry to hear this news :cry:

I'm glad that you were all with him and that you are able to think of all the wonderful memories at this really difficult time.

Wishing you strength and lots of love,



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Dear Emma

So very sorry to hear of your sad loss. I am sure your son and daughter will be a great source of comfort to you and you will also be a tower of strength for them. As you say, Jonathan's passing was mercifully not prolonged in the final day or two and he is now at peace. God bless you all.

Love and Peace

Mike x

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Emma, that's so sad. Wishing you all peace and strength to get through the next few days and hoping you have good friends and family to support you when the immediate buzz of activity dies down (often the toughest part). I don't doubt, with the strength and kindness evident in your posts, you will have any lack of people offering care and support. Please accept that help and take really good care of yourself.

I am so pleased you are taking comfort from his peaceful passing. My Dad was thankfully peaceful at the end and being there with him gave us so much comfort over the next few years.




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Hello Emma,

So sorry to hear about Jon but it will be a comfort to you, I'm sure , that he went peacefully. My heart goes out to you and your family. As you say, you have wonderful memories and these can never be taken away from you.

Sending love and support,


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Hi Emma

I have been thinking of you over the past few days and am sad to hear the news that Jon too has lost his battle with this terrible disease. Please try to take comfort that you were all with him throughout his journey and that you were with him until the end. I'm glad to hear that he was comfortable and that you received lots of support over the last few days.

Sending you strength for the next few weeks and a big virtual hug

Julie x

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Oh Emma I am so sorry about your Jon, take comfort in that he passed away peacefully and with mercy quickly, there are no real words that will help but I am there myself so I know how hard it is. Its my moms funeral today I came on here to see how people were and saw your message and was devastated at yet another loss.. My heart goes out to you, I hope you are surrounded by those you love .. he hasn't gone he's just spread his wings xx


Marie xx

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Hi Emma

I have been having problems getting onto the forum and so was so sorry to finally manage to and see your post to say that Jon had passed away.

After all your struggles it seems that he passed away very peacefully in a lovely place surrounded by family. I think that is what anyone would want and I hope that you can take comfort from that.

Lots of love and virtual hugs to you and to your family.

Cathy xxx

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Hi Emma, so sorry to hear Jon has passed away but good that it was peaceful. It is hard to believe that he was taken so quickly by this horrible disease when some of us are given time to come to terms with and fight. I am sure your memories will give you strength for what lies ahead and I will be thinking about you over the coming days.

Take care




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Really sorry you have lost your beloved Jon, as everyone has said it sounds like he was peaceful and surrounded by his loved ones.

Take care and I hope you are surrounded by love and support.

Bee xx

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Dear Emma,

So sorry to hear of Jon's passing.

Please accept our condolences, on behalf of all at Pancreatic Cancer UK.

It is good that he got a bed in a nice peaceful hospice, in a nice environment. So good too that you were able to be there with him, and that he did not suffer for a long period of time.

Take care Emma, and thank you for all you have shared on the forum. I hope that you will continue to come on here and find comfort from all the "friends" you made through it.

kind regards,


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