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Stop press: but remaining realistic


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Okay, I posted earlier about dad's serious decline... Syringe driver, no coming home from hospital, fluids and antibiotics stopped.

Well, I was reading over earlier replies to my threads and was reminded of a poster who's husband had a very bad reaction to first Chemo... I also, in the meantime, received some text updates from mum and sister who were with dad today (I had said a final goodbye to dad yesterday and had not intended to return, expecting him to die over the next few days due to decline and stopping of fluids and treatment for sepsis). Although dad is still unable to speak - relying on hand motions and murmurs - still with catheter and still gravely ill, he seems to be settled and a lot more responsive.

So, I phoned my sister and apologised for even raising the question, but could dad possibly be recovering from the chemo reaction? It turns out the palliative team had thought the same thing and this afternoon discussed re-instating fluids gently.

Roller coaster is not the word! I suppose my post is really to share the news but also to get a feel for how much hope this slight change offers...

There is no doubt that dad will die soon, his liver is failing rapidly amongst other issues, but I'm left wondering whether the chemo brought on a separate set of issues and that maybe dad has a few more weeks? Am I mad to allow myself to think this might be a possibility?

My feet are firmly on the ground, but I have little bit of hope that dad may recover a little. That said, I don't want this journey to be seemingly endless. He is so sick, in pain and weak.

The plan is to increase small amounts of fluid tomorrow assuming dad makes it through the night. We have also been instructed to visit the hospice where dad would go in order to arrange his possible admission.

My biggest hope from this would be for dad to die in a hospice. It's not home but is infinitely better than a busy hospital ward.

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Sorry to hear of your dad's decline Aimee :(

Can't really offer anything in the way of knowing how long your dad has or if the fluids will give him longer (I'd presume so). What I would say, and this is a personal point of view, if, by giving him the fluids, it would mean your dad could be moved from the hospital environment to a hospice, that has got to be a good thing. I am sure it will be better for all of you.

I do hope you are able to manage it, but if not I know you have all done your absolute utmost for your dad and you can't ask for more than that.

Take care

Julia x

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Hi Aimee

Thinking of you and your family, hope you manage to get your dad moved to the hospice soon. This horrible disease is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions, but admire you for keeping positive that's all you can do

Julie x

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