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Very down and despondent.


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Hello all,

Just feeling so so low , Jon sleeping again not improving at all had his steroids put back up to 4mg a day hope that will help with eating as he is not at the moment , first visit from macmillan nurse and district nurse this week both lovely ladies but just put this Awful thing into perspective more plans ! I feel other people have taken over our life know they mean well but .... This morning after his tablet taking session and what a session ! He said he could just lay back and forget it all I felt like saying ok then ! how cruel am I ,we were fit 70 year olds ( thankfully I still am ) who felt like 50 year olds ok girls don't lol until two months ago Jon playing golf both walking miles on the weekend now nothing even my mantra ( yesterday's gone tomorrow hasn't,t come it's now and we are here and nobody knows what tomorrow will bring so we are just like every one else at this moment ) isn't helping today arrrrh could scream and never stop rant over hope your all coping .also thinking about Steve and his family . Might hit the wine bottle tonight haven't done for weeks !

EmmaR xx

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Hi Emma

Oh you poor thing. I do empathise with your feeling frustrated and it is only natural that you might feel like saying (but didn't), "ok then" - don't feel bad about that. We can't be superhuman all the time (although I reckon about 99.9% of the time we are).

Let's hope the steroids perk Jon up.

Enjoy your glass (or 2) of wine this evening - you deserve it!!!

Lots of love

Cathy xx

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Hi Emma,

I feel just the same at the moment. It's almost like one step forward and two steps back.

I am really struggling with pain in my back because the Celiac nerve is trapped and I'm waiting to have an injection to kill the nerve. I'm on stronger Morphine dosage which is playing havoc with my stomach, so I'm not eating much and just basically sleeping most of the day. Yet three or four weeks ago, I felt as fit as a butchers dog, but now the dog seems to have run away and I'm left with shattered old bones.

I'm sure once I get my injection ....I hope....I'll be fine, but right now I'm finding it very hard to do basic things like having a daily walk around my block of houses.

Linda x

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Hi lindah, just poppod in to see who was on line and see how you folks were doing, so very sorry to read that you are battling against another problem.

I wish you lots of strength and send you lots of postive thoughts , and my love, laura xx

Sorry if i hijacked this thread a bit, but wanted to send linda a message, i wish all of you carers and the cared for, peaceful times, time to enjoy each other and have no regrets, hard to remember at times that we are still husbands and wives isn't it without having this unwelcome 3rd party in the equasion to accomodate, we have been living with this since feb 2010, my hubby is doing very well but is still stressful and changed our lives,am aroun if any one has any questions, i know our situation is not the norm, but i understand the feelings you all experience. my love to you all. laura xxx

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