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intestinal problems


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My husband was diagnoses with pancreatic cancer with liver mets in April. We have had a difficult journey so far. But we finally managed to get the back pain under control.

However over last few weeks he has been having pains when eating and using the toilet. Recently he spent a week in hospital with an infection, after the admission the oncology team reassessed his scan - that he had had a few weeks earlier (not sure why this did not occur when an inpatient). Anyway it appears that the tumour is pressing on a vein which is stopping the blood supply to the intensive, this led to inflammation of the colon. His chemo was stopped for a while - but has restarted.

We have been advised to monitor the case, his pains are still there - and he does not want to eat as this causes pain and then inevitably we needs the toilet which is also painful. The usual breakthough pain relief (oxynorm 40 mg) does not seem to work.

I was wondering whether anyone else had experience similar issues and whether any treatment was offered - we have been advised there is none.

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Hi Liz

Firstly, welcome to the forum family and sorry to hear you have had such a difficult time.

Hmmmm... This sounds a little familiar. Jonathan (my partner) was having a bit of pain when eating very recently and has started on a low dose of creons which has helped (he might need to up this).

He also had some constipation early on in his treatment which was quite painful. That sorted itself out but has recently come back (at the same time as the eating pain started). That has yet to be resolved unfortunately. Is that the pain that your husband is having?

If you haven't already got in touch, the nurses on this site are great, you can email or ring them. They always provide very comprehensive advice.

Email support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk or tel +44 (0)20 3535 7099

Best of luck

Cathy xx

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Thanks Cathy for your reply, and sorry to hear your husband also has this diagnosis.

My husband has been on creon.

We have had further appointments and the issue seems to be the tumour pressing on vein cutting off blood supply to colon. So we are waiting on specialist in this area for an appointment. I have liaised with Dianne who has given some helpful advise - I now just need to chase the hospital again (it is difficult dealing with this illness without having to chase for anything to be done to help)

Keep fingers crossed that they will actually arrange relevant tests and treatment.

Best wishes

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