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We don't beleeeeeeeeve it!


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Well, the bugger has only gone and REDUCED! :D Pancreas remains the same but liver and abdomen have seen a reduction. How'd that happen?? After stubbornly staying the same throughout his treatment, we've had only 1 cycle of chemo since the last scan, and that wasn't even full FOLFIRONOX as the oxalyplatin was dropped and its blooming smaller!!!

We are now on the champagne (true) and Jonathan has nipped out to ring his son while I type and tell you guys.

No rhyme nor reason behind all of this.. His blood tumour markers which reduced by 90% after his last cycle are also roughly the same. So, we're amazed (Jonathan burst into tears) but.... Blimey... Pass that champagne!!

Hope you are all doing good..

Laura - if you are reading this, Jonathan is also stage 4.

Cathy xx

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Cathy, what absolutely fantastic news!!!!!!!!! No wonder Jonathan sobbed, the stress waiting for the results must have been tremendous.

Surely a YABBA DABBA DO moment? :D

Cheers Jonathan, long may you continue to be well.

Julia x

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Cathy and Jonothan I am over the moon for you. Just fantastic news and much needed on here.

Keep up the good work. Enjoy the champagne and plan lots of lovely things 2 do together. Whoop whoop!!

Karen xxx

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Hi ladies and Steve :)

Thank you all so much. Jonathan also asked me to pass on his thanks too. It was an entirely unexpected result given the previous scans but, hey, who's complaining?

The additional good news is that they are taking out his picc line AND have agreed he can stop the Clexane for now (he's been on daily injections of that since Feb) - you can imagine how chuffed he is about THAT!

It did, briefly, make me wonder whether there might have been benefits from continuing with the treatment but he couldn't have taken any more then, he was zapped (that was the, now infamous, mad dash to A&E) and anyway, they might have starting recharging us for wheelchair misuse 8)

So onwards and upwards - for all of us I hope!!


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