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Hi everyone,

Just in case anyone is planning a winter break thought I would post this info.

We have just returned from two weeks in Europe and due to the outrageous quotes for insurance, ranging from £800 to £3000 and also refused by some companies, we were planning to go and just get a flight home or take the risk as necessary, thinking we would rather pay hundreds if we needed to than pay out just in case. All of the companies we contacted were in the Macmillan booklet but it was still no use.

However at the last minute I contacted Insurance With also in the Macmillan book. Quoted just under £50!! If we had to claim for a PC reason we would have had an excess of £550 to pay but that would be it. So we ended up going with this company and had peace of mind. They would also only insure if patient was three weeks clear of treatment.

Just thought it was worth sharing as the price was so much lower, fortunately we didn't need to claim !


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Thanks for this Bee. What a fair(er) way to treat us! The likelihood of having to claim is obviously low and having to pay an elevated exess is not unreasonable.

Are they learning?


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We are hoping to get away again if Jonathan's scan is ok (only get the results on the 16th :( ) so we will definitely look at getting a quote if we do.

How was your holiday Bee??

Cathy xx

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