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Nanoknife and stents


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Does anyone know whether Nanoknife is able to be performed when a metal stent is in place? I'm sure I've read somewhere it is not compatible and need to be sure before Bob has insertion of stent this week in case we need to enquire whether we could have a plastic stent.

Any information would be appreciated


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Carole McGregor

Hi Karen

Meant to email you before now. Clive has metal stent and had Nanoknife last week as you know. Didn't seem to cause any particular problems though there is increased risk of infection so Proff Leen emphasised need to be vigilant. You will probably want to check with him anyway in case position of tumour in relation to stent is important and therefore Clive's experience not necessarily same for Bob.

Clive still having some pain but improving each day.

Love and hugs


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Thank you for your information Cathy and Carole. Will contact Professor secretary tomorrow. Good to hear Clive is improving day by day Carole

Karen xx

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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Thanks All,

I did contact Prof secretary this morning at xxx hospital. She said she was not aware that a metal stent was a contraindication to having Nanoknife. If a patient has a cardiac pacemaker in place this certainly would be a contraindication, but it appears that the metal stent is acceptable.

As for the infections, the risk of infections with stents especially does tend to be worse with plastic stents, as these are not expandable (like the metal ones),and this is one reason that metal stents are often inserted for patients having chemotherapy to prevent the risk of infection.


Support Team

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